John Wick

 Great Watch – the choreography in the fight scenes are worth the watch and there making a number 2

This Movie has been given a 7.5 on the Movie Scale Of Justic… “He was the on you sent to kill the fuckin Boogeyman”

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Vacation (2015)

Movies3000 Will be at the attending the Unlimited Preview of Vacation tonight @ Cineworld Wood Green. Check back for the review this week..

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Lucy (2014) – Cert 15 – Action/SciFi

Lucy Banner

Lucy is about a young woman working in China, she has become involved with some unscrupulous people and is dragged into a drug deal that goes wrong.

After the drug deal she is forced into becoming a drugs mule for Chinese cartel!! This bad situation becomes worse after the package that is planted into her stomach bursts!!! Then with the effects of the poison flowing throw her body, she can access 100% of her brain that she could never access before!!!!

Accessing 100% of our brains can be achieved buy drug taking!!!! Really? Is that really what we want to teach the next generation!!! 😐

This film runs along the same lines of Limitless with Bradley Copper (2011) where the effects of taking the powerful drug can push your mind into becoming a JedI Knight in a matter of seconds.
As with Limitless I couldn’t help thinking to myself is this girl just tripping out of her head and she is imagining the whole movie and the world is just flowing as normal around her and she is in actual fact just laying on the floor, curled up into a ball and shaking like in Trainspotting (1996)!!

Good story line at the beginning but it turns into a X-Men adventure, with Scarlet Johansson (Lost in Translation, Avengers) being all of them in one!! Scarlet Johansson and Morgan Freeman are both excellent in there roles and we would expect nothing less from two great actors of the silver screen. From the writer of Taken (2012), Nikita (1990) and Leon (1994) Luc Besson, which are great movies and you can see he’s a great Writer and Director also where his female heroine’s come from, but this film isn’t his greatest achievement.

Lucy won’t be making my DVD collection this Christmas, it did get me thinking about where this film could of gone and it could’ve achieved greatness, but sadly it lacked a genuine storyline accept for the first 30 minutes and the rest left me rolling my eyes at it!! So that’s a no from me 😦

This movie has been given a 5 on the movie scale of justice….”ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge”

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Dracula Untold (2014) – Cert 15 – Action/Fantasy


A big fangs up for Dracula!!

Prince Vlad (The Impaler) has to choose between good and evil with love and honour in the mix!. Does he fight evil with evil? Does he become the monster we all know and Love (of course he does, its Dracula you wally!!!)

To be honest I wasn’t expecting allot from this movie given the pervious track record of movies in this genre.

But I have to say I was very much sucked into the action, I did want it to be more horror and gore, seen as its Halloween release date, surprised me none the less.

With great battle scenes and vamped up action. This movie has a good blend of fiction and little pieces of history thrown in.

Myself I wouldn’t of put in the end scene, but it opens up a whole new series of films for the blood suckers!!

Luke Evans (The Hobbit, Fast & Furious 6) gives a good solid performance as Vlad, and the director Gary Shore proves he can direct movies other than adverts in this his first feature Film (very excited to see what Gary does next, it can only get better from this Dublin born Director)

This is a very good watch and I’m sure girls and boys alike will enjoy watching this movie. So it’s a must watch from me, a fangtastic tail and Fangs for the memories!!! 😐

This Movie has been given a 7.5 on the movie scale of justice… “Vlad said… “Hope you enjoy the view”

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Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) – Cert 12A – Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi/Marvel


Special guest reviewer: LASSutherland

With any Marvel film you expect a certain amount of grandeur to go with every action packed explosion and expertly delivered gag. This can sometimes be to the studios own detriment, when they start taking themselves too seriously. Thankfully this is a truly explosive new installment of the franchise, with virtually no pomp and circumstance whatsoever.

Guardians of the Galaxy is the story of five less than scrupulous individuals banding together to (pause for dramatic affect) save the Galaxy! From the Writing/Directing expertise of James Gunn (Super, Movie 43) and a genius ensemble cast Chris Pratt (Her, Movie 43), Vin Diesel (Pitch Black, Fast and the Furious), Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook), Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek) and Dave Bautista (WWE star, Riddick) comes an energized space opera that’s much less “Luke, I am your father” and more “What a bunch of A-holes.”

The cast (both main and peripheral) show themselves to be truly at home in there rolls. The action does not take center stage, meaning that character interaction can take president when it needs to, thus meaning that when we get to the explosions, they are all the sweeter.

Sadly this doesn’t pave the way for totally seamless scenes, some interactions between actors and CG characters are stilted and overly telegraphed. Now while I understand that it’s difficult to talk to something that’s not there, they are there in the final cut and it can sometimes feel as if the actors aren’t looking at them.

A truly high point of the film is the soundtrack, whilst the orchestral background music blends seamlessly form scene to scene, it can get buried in the sound effects. But this is second to Awesome Mix Vol. 1 (the Mix tape Peter Quill (Chris Pratt)carries with him at all times) each song features as a standalone in its own scene, thus giving us both a reference point and a reminder of key plot points in the narrative.

On the whole, whether you are a die-hard comic book nerd, or just a fan of a good old fashioned space adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy is a must see. Some highs some lows, but utterly worth it, intergalactic talking trees and smart mouthed raccoon included.

This movie has been given a 8.5 on the Movie Scale of Justice…. “What a bunch of A-holes.”

This movie has been rated and reviewed by our guest reviewer LASSutherland.

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The Inbetweeners 2 (2014) – Cert 15 – Comedy


The Inbetweeners 2 is a comedy about 4 teenage boys coming of age, with all there trials and tribulations being bared for all, from mishaps to misadventures (we’ve all done this stuff) stars Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas.

Not sure there’s allot you can say about this movie, Its a tried and tested idea from the hit TV series (which i really enjoyed). Putting it all into a 2nd movie, we have seen some of the jokes before in the last one. It does have some laugh out loud moments, but it does have a sense of the old British Carry On films to it, which i didn’t particularly like when i was growing up (I know i said that!! Please send all letters of complaint to Boris Johnson) :).

This film has been written and directed by the same guys that did the TV Series and the first movie Damon Beesley and Iain Morris. Both good comic writers and a good catalogue of producing films with Ricky Gervais and Jimmy Carr (comedians).

Some good laughs, but it will grate on you in the end.  Not really many fresh ideas in this one, all in all a little disappointed in this movie 😦

This movie has been given a 6.0 on the Movie Scale of Justice… “Groowww uuupp”


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13 Sins (2014) Cert – 15 – Horror/Thriller

13 Sins (2014)

13 Sins is about a down on his luck guy played by Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim vs the World) who is struggling with his life, bills and dept up to his eyeballs. When a call out of the blue saying if you complete 13 tasks he will receive riches beyond his wildest dreams !! (think we all would like some of that). But as the game goes on the tasks get more and more horrific and sinister, with more twists than a ride at Disney World on acid, with Ron Perlman (Drive, Sons of Anarchy, Hell Boy) as the Detective investigating the crimes it can only end badly!!

From the Director of The Last Exorcism (2010) David Stamm you know this is going to have a dark and gritty feel to it and it does, which adds to the drama of the film.

13 Sins had a very promising start and a new fresh feel to this horror/action movie. Some great scenarios keep popping up, but about half way though i started to think I’ve seen this before. So i Googled it and low and behold i had, but under the name 13 Game of Death (2006) a Thai film directed by Chookial Sakveer another straight to DVD release. I’m not saying remakes cant be good just look at The Departed (2006) a Martin Scorsese film that was a remake of Infernal Affairs written and directed by Wai-Keung Lau which where both exceptionally good films and both earn over 8 on the Movie Scale of Justice.

This films starts off really well then seems to start rushing to the end, like the writer David Birke (Freeway killer) thought I’ve had enough of this, i’m off!… There is a part when an Ostrich enters the frame, which was entirely lost on me and made no sense. Seemed like it was just thrown in to waist one of the 13 tasks and to not even show this task being completed in the film was even more of an insult!!! Crackers :/

All said and done 13 Sins is an enjoyable film with a good concept and some good twists to it, started of well then just went off. It wont be in the DVD hall of fame or winner of awards.

This movie has been given a 6.0 on the Movie Scale of Justice… “What would a homeless guy want with an Ostrich”

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Noah (2014) Cert – 12A


The Animals went in two by two!!!

Noah is one of those movies that of course we all know the ending even before it starts, just like other films based on fact like Toy Story and Avengers Assemble…Wait a God Dammed minute here! did i say fact, well not really fact or is it! we could go like this for years and it has..

This is one of those movies i really wanted to see, due to the sheer epic scale of it. Noah is a man with a chip on his shoulders, who lives in a some what apocalyptic world that has been ravished by man. (a little like Mad Max and Dubai) God almighty himself has advised Noah to build an Ark (large boat to us heathens) and save all the animals from this dying planet as a flood will wipe out all the non believers and sinners! Well i don’t really need to go into this much detail as i don’t want to give the whole story away!! :/

Does he save the animals?, Does humankind die out?, Is the earth reborn?, Can you really believe its not butter and was the Pepsi challenge really real? all will be reviled in next weeks episode of Soap!! (Comedy show from the 80’s for those who don’t remember and like to make me feel old) 😦

This movie does have some great special effects and it has been filmed rather dark and gloomy and very atmospheric. This is directed by Darren Aronosky who also directed The Wrestler and Black Swan, so he defiantly likes to mix it up a bit and isn’t rigid in what he does. Russel Crowe (Gladiator, Broken City) and Sir Ray Winstone (Sexy Beast, The Sweeney, Robin of Sherwood) both make good performances, also Nick Nolte (48 Hour, Cape Fear) is in this movie as one of the Watchers. (a fallen angel) 🙂

There is a morel to this story but it didn’t really come across, maybe gone are the days of big budget biblical stories like The 10 Commandments (1956 Film). People just want a more modem twist to it!!!

As i said before this was one that i wanted to see because it could of been an epic, but it wasn’t. I’m not saying this isn’t an ok movie because it is a ok movie. You just have to watch it with an open mind and forget you know the outcome. whether your a believer or not you can still enjoy a blockbuster film.

Its not gonna make it to the DVD collection, but it will be watched at Christmas.

This movie has been given a 7.0 on the Movie Scale… “Did he speak to you?” “I think so” :/


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The Purge: Anarchy (2014) Cert – 15

the purge

The Purge: Anarchy starring Frank Grillo (The Grey) and Carmen Ejogo (Pride & Glory) is about a group of strangers thrown together on the most deadliest night of there lives, the annual purge night. They must get across town to safety before they get killed on the night the US government lets you get rid of the useless wastes of space that effects your life, with free licence to Murder!!

Its a lovely view of the world, a world where we can kill each other on one day of the year without consequence or remorse. :/

I can just imagine running down a hillside with beautiful green grass blowing in the warm summer breeze, with daisy’s dancing slowly beside me, a calm and tranquil feeling rushes over me…. AS I TEAR DOWN THE HILL WITH A BLOODSTAINED CLEAVER IN ONE HAND AND A UZI 9MM IN THE OTHER!!! Of course this crazy but this is Hollywood.

We all know The Purge: Anarchy hasn’t been presented by Sesame Street with the letter K that’s stands for Killing Spree!!! but it has been written and directed by the same guy that wrote Jack starring Robin Williams way back in 1996… James DeMonaco also gave us Assault on Precinct 13 (2005 remake) and The Negotiator (1998) and the original Purge movie so we could see where this talented writer is going and where his influences lie, with John Carpenter i think (Assault on Precinct 13 original and Escape from New York)

The acting was ok in this sequel , but on the school report i bet it says.. Good attendance but must try harder!! Very predictable story, it does throw up a few surprises, but as your watching it there are some simulates with The Warriors (1979).

This film wouldn’t be one i’ll be watching again in a hurry to be totally honest, there was one saving grace when Michael K Williams (The Wire, 12 Years a Slave) made an appearance. It was like a visit from an old friend i hadn’t seen for a while 🙂 The Purge 3 maybe interesting with Michael K Williams putting a stop to the crazy notion of an annual purge :/ and why not we will just have to wait and see!!

All in all it was watchable and will have you saying “As if that would happen!!” and defiantly not one to by this Christmas for the kids and it wont make my DVD collection this year!!

This movie has a 6.0 on the Movie Scale…. “Blessed be America, a nation reborn”

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The Nut Job (2014) Cert – U


The Nut Job is animated movie about a selfish squirrel called Surly played by Will Arnett (Lego Movie (Batman) who is only out for himself and his rat friend, when his final caper leads to all the food storage being lost and the rest of the parks inhabitants wanting to banish him from there safe haven!!! He then fights adversity to come back as the hero and all is not lost!! I couldn’t help thinking this guys better than the other lot.

This movie has a star cast of Will Arnett (he was Batman in The Lego Movie, The Millers), Brendan Fraser (The Mummy, among other bad acting jobs) and Liam Neeson (The Grey, Taken). It still leaves allot to the imagination! Even though the animation is beautiful, the script does let it down some, with some really cringe worthy jokes! Also i found myself wishing some of the characters  would be squashed by oncoming traffic.

I did go to the cinema with my kids to watch this movie and asked them what they thought. They said and i quote “Cant wait for The Boxtrolls to come out :/” and why wouldn’t they 🙂

Well its a thumbs down really for The Nut Job, i did hear on the grape vine that there is a Nut Job 2 coming out…. which is nice..

This movie has been given a 4.5 on the Movie Scale… “We found it!! the lost city of Nutlantis!”

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